K for KIKU (Psychiko)

A “dark and black environment” with handmade wood carvings...

K for KIKU will make you want to repeat the nights you visited. New space, new Executive Chef, and a new Kiku orgasmic experience.

Be Unique

T he K for KIKU, has opened its doors at Psychiko and for a year now carves its own path, and has already caused some discussion.

It is a modern place at the heart of Psychiko, at Pericleous 7 and it is divided into a restaurant and a lounge bar. The decoration and the design is cu- rated by Sissy Feida.

A “dark and black environment” with handmade wood carvings, which has just enough light to move safely and eat at the large wooden benches. Special emphasis is given in the illumination of the space, which makes the restaurant really unique. 55 light fixtures give illumination on the black roof, and halogen spot lights focusing discreetly at the “right places”, are hidden behind the wooden beams. This “magic atmosphere” is supplemented by a playful effect that is created by a special purple led cube formation, on the back of the sushi bar. The impressive purple glass bar, with its own illumination is a nice addition in the space.

The Kiku Next Generation came in a more funky, pop and happy version compared to what we had grown accustomed to, in the classic and quieter Kiku Kolonaki. In Kiku Nest Generation we don’t experience the usual crowd and noise like the other fashion restaurants.

The restaurant satisfies, with its flavors and its addaptable prices to the demanding customers and enthusiastic fans of Kiku, and with careful plan- ning and self-control one can easily enjoy a very inexpensive menu and live the culinary experience.

At the same time Kiku Next Generation enables a more relaxed entertainment as evenings are accompanied by the funky mood and music of our Thessaloniki based DJ Lia Taouktsi.

A new KIKU experience

T he restaurant’s bar is open to customers who want to have a drink and experience Kiku’s special drinks and cocktails by the team of Vasilis Roussos, and a highly demanding and equipped cellar.

In addition after 23:30 the music gets louder. The quality of taste and sophisticated flavors that we had become accustomed to by Kiku restaurants, is elevated to another level of burst of senses.