Japanese dining comes to Mykonos in all its style and deliciousness in the form of Kiku at Cavo Tagoo.

An exciting marriage of Japanese and Greek design makes for an exceptionally chic atmosphere of white awnings, calm pools of crystal clear water, and spectacular ocean vistas.

Experience of a dream

T he cuisine more than lives up to the setting, with traditional Japanese dishes reinvigorated with Greek flare and supremely fresh ingredients.

Kiku serves as a gateway into exceptional Asian cuisine for those who want to taste and experi- ence new cuisines and to have the opportunity to taste the very best in Japanise cuisine.

The famous dinner restaurant in Mykonos blends the highest quality of ingredients from local fields assuring a memorable feast of Cavo Tagoo flavors that invigorate the senses. While the refined ser- vice and ensure a maximum dining satisfaction in Mykonos.