At Home

Introducing KIKU-at-home: Elevating Japanese Fine Dining to Your Doorstep

Embark on a culinary journey with our home delivery service brought to you by Athens' oldest Japanese establishment - KIKU.

We are thrilled to announce that the unique KIKU restaurant experience can now be experienced at your own home. While we acknowledge that the ambiance may differ, the essence of KIKU's culinary mastery remains exquisitely intact. Renowned for its authentic Japanese gastronomy, meticulously curated under the discerning guidance of our chef Sergei Osipov, KIKU continues to set the standard.

Each KIKU-at-home order will be meticulously conveyed by our dedicated restaurant personnel and presented in meticulously crafted logo-emblazoned packaging.

Indulge in a dining experience devoid of extraneous distractions, enveloped solely in the symphony of flavors. The absence of bustling crowds merely amplifies the gastronomic delight, allowing each ingredient's nuance to shine brilliantly.

Welcome KIKU-at-home – an embodiment of epicurean finesse delivered to your doorstep.