The History

KIKU Presents The ultimate luxury Japanese experience.

From Kolonaki to Mykonos , this group has present and future. As its creator! It was the first Japanese restaurant in Athens, with a very good clientele. So he saw it as a challenge and as an opportunity at the same time.

The History

A name, A history. Behind the success of Kiku is hiding the duo who believed in the myth.

Κiku was founded in Athens in 1993 and has since become one of the most distinguished luxury & lounge nightlife brand regarding sushi in Greece.

The first owner of Kiku was Leonidas Goulandris whose family is still now one of the biggest shipowners in the world.

This ownership status remains for 18 years.

On November of 2011 Kiku sold by L. Goulandris to George Dragoumanos and George Andritsos. George Dragoumanos is a successful businessman on real estate in London for 40 years with huge knowledge of business. George Andritsos is an ambitious and talented young man who achieved quickly to move up the place and made it as the best sushi restaurant in Greece. These two successful businessmen through this investment had a bigger vision. To make Kiku the best known Japanese restaurant in the world.

George Andritsos, is the entrepreneur who believed in the idea that flows in the veins of Kiku. The plan has a basis: a 31 year old myth, with history and famous customers. They are the weapons of Kiku’s new era. It is the next phase of a restaurant that honors Japanese gastronomy, elevates quality into art and gambles selectively for the future. And with dynamism, as the man behind the idea, a young entrepreneur, only 38 years old, seems to have the method and the charisma, because how else can one explain the take off of the Kiku brand, with four shops and one idea: japanese cuisine as artwork and not as a the ready made that tends to be for the sake of making it cheap.

The Secret

W e want to make a worldwide known brand. We do not intend to expand our business to another area of focus and make something like a coffee house. We want to be the No1 quality restaurant in Greece, which can also compete at an internation- al level. We ask those who appreciate quality to become our partners in some way so we can continue to offer the best. And all this is part of the effort to find a way to continue to keep the first Kiku working, which is a historic shop, a restaurant-myth.

What is the profile of our fans that have already become members?

U sually they are businessmen that travel a lot and have information about what is associated with high quality. They also know that what they pay is indeed value for money even though it is expensive. Besides, we live in a country that because of the crisis some people have to support the good things.