Culinary legacy at its best.

Is a heavyweight of culinary excellence, with the first restaurant having opened in Mykonos as back as 2011. Combining Japanese cuisine through a fusion take, KIKU Restaurant serves as a gateway to exceptional Asian cuisine for those who seek to invigorate their senses and dine for life.

Always looking to embark on new culinary adventures, 2024 introduces a best Waguy Beef Section in our menu, keeping the promise that attention to detail and perfect execution come to ensure a top-notch gastronomic experience for both connoisseurs and curious minds.


A place to return

In the heart of Mykonos with an ideal sunset view, our guests can enjoy innovative and refreshing cocktails from early in the morning in our beautiful pool, live the Sunset experience and choose to taste in our Japanese Corner a wide variety one of the best Japanese "Eau de Vie".We create your own memories

This is island heaven


The best view in Mykonos



Our menu focuses on simple yet refined presentation, using ingredients of the highest quality.
Our dishes are specially designed for sharing at the table.
* Please note that these are sample menus. Menus and prices are subject to a change.

From 15th May to 30th September

Located on Numi Boutigue Hotel with breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea.
Valet parking is available for all guests arriving at Kiku Mykonos.
The dress code is smart and elegant.

For all informations & reservations

* We will get back to you with information and all you need to know regarding your request.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
Breakfast 8pm - 11.30pm
Lunch 1pm - 6pm
Sunset 7pm - 8pm
Dinner 7pm - 12.30am

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